The world’s No. 1 handheld tuning och diagnostics unit!

It has never been easier to tune or perform advanced service features on a vehicle. By pressing a few buttons on your MaptunerX you are now able to do the same work that previously needed a lot of hours in a workshop.

MaptunerX has with all its functions grown to a world leading unit with access to a massive range of vehicles.

With MaptunerX you are able to tune both your car, jetski, snowmobile and ATV. You are getting free of charge access to all future updates of firmware, functions and engine software when purchasing your vehicle license.


With the app Programming you are able to upgrade the software of your vehicle in just a few minutes.

Choose between the stored softwares in your MaptunerX and get information on all necessary hardware for the different tunes.

Available tuning libraries


When you purchase the MaptunerX with a tuning license you are able to program your vehicle and read/clear fault codes. But with our library of apps you are able to do much more if you want!

Calibrate and test components such as IBR, injectors and fuel pump. Enable, disable and manage DESS keys. Reset service counter, monitor and log engine data, view ECU information and much more.

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Made in Sweden

When we first thought of the idea to create a brand new product which has resulted in the Maptuner X, Swedish values has always been at the core of our thinking. 

To say that something is “Made in Sweden” isn’t just saying that the plans are made in Sweden, it means that everything is! And with everything we mean ideas, brainstorming, programming, engineering, production, transports, marketing… everything that goes into making a complete product.

To us Swedish values is a package deal which cant be described by a few fancy words, it is a feeling of value that lasts throughout the lifespan of the product. A feeling of trust that our customers feel for what we deliver. That is what we feel the words “Made in Sweden” represents.

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Compatible Vehicles

Compatible Cars

Maptuner X uses the ODB2 standard which makes it very easy to connect to your car.

Maptun Performance is our car division which is mainly focused on offering tuning for SAAB and Opel.

Other compatible Vehicles

Maptun is one of the world’s most formost supplier of upgrade software for water crafts.

The following brand are supported: Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Lynx, Polaris, Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo. Yamaha.