Get a powerful performance upgrade with the undisputed Maptun tuning software!

Plug-in the MaptunerX a let it reprogram the ECU. That’s all you need to do to unleash the performance in your KTM/HQV/GG TPI Bike. The tuning software is calibrated for the northern climate, tested by our ambassadeurs and carefully refined using all our knowledge in offroad vehicles and engine management.

Our optimized engine tunes for KTM/Husqvarna/GasGas TPI models push the riding experience to the next level. By focusing on improving the power and torque in the low and mid of the rev-range and sharpening the throttle response. The difference over a stock tune is obvious from the very first second you twist the throttle.

One of our test riders says:

“The power delivery is smooth and responsive even at part throttle. And the boost in power and torque in the mid-range is remarkable! It’s like having the lightness and agility of the 2-stroke and bringing the engine characteristics from a 4-stroke.”