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MaptunerX takes tuning to a new level for


Meet the MaptunerX from Maptun – the world’s no.1 programming and diagnostics unit for powersport vehicles! For over 20 years we have tuned tens of thousands of snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, watercrafts and cars from every corner of the globe.

And now the Maptuner are stepping in to the world of motorcycles. Set out to create something out of the ordinary with all the knowledge we’ve acquired in the past two decades and our in-house developed hardware.

We’ve developed optimized engine tunes for KTM/Husqvarna/GasGas TPI models that push the riding experience to the next level. By focusing on improving the power and torque in the middle of the rev-range and sharpening the throttle response. The difference over a stock tune is obvious from the very first second you twist the throttle.

Supported models: KTM 150 EXC TPI, 250 XC/EXC TPI, 300 XC/EXC TPI. Husqvarna TE 150i, TE 250i, TE 300i. Gas Gas EC 250, EC 300.

Tuning Stage 1

Tuning Stage 1

Tuning Stage 1

Tuning made easy, safe and reliable

MaptunerX performs a so-called reflash. In short, MaptunerX first reads the original vehicle firmware to analyse and look up the various parameters such as load pressure, ignition timing, fuel, various types of restrictions etc. These parameters are then adapted to various conditions such as the exhaust system and climatic circumstances. This is one of the most advanced ways to optimise the engine firmware – but undoubtedly the safest! 

MaptunerX always uses the original vehicle firmware as the originating point, which means that the engine control unit is always aware of the increased power and thus at any point can adjust the inherent safety features originally programmed instead of defeating them or, as is often the case, ignoring them. Your MaptunerX will never become outdated since it automatically updates its firmware every time it is connected to a computer and synchronised with our server. 

Proper re-flash of the ECU
Not a “piggy back”-solution

Safe and non-intrusive
Stock safety systems still intact

Stock Map Switch is still supported
More performance without drawbacks

Undisputed power.
Undeniable drivability.

The results are not only felt. They are proven in testing sessions in the dyno and on the trails over several months. The power and torque is increased significant and throughout the whole RPM-range. We’ve also optimized the oil supply table in our tunes for better operational reliability. But the most important thing is how it feels and performs in the real-world. The Maptun “signature dish” is perhaps the undeniable drivability. One of our test riders says:

“The power delivery is smooth and responsive even at part throttle. And the boost in power and torque in the mid-range is remarkable! It’s like having the lightness and agility of the 2-stroke and bringing the engine characteristics from a 4-stroke.”

Graph shows our dyno run of the 300 TPI

Customize your tune with the Map Editor

With the add-on Map Editor, you can adjust the tune to your liking. Adjust your engine maps and create map packs that suit dirt tracks or your driving style. For example.

Map Editor is recommended to be used in combination with datalogging equipment.

Get the most out of your motorcycle with our Maptuner Apps


Monitoring app shows you all the information you need to be sure that your vehicle is performing as it should. Values being showed and available features varies between different kinds of vehicles. An example of values shown is air mass, speed, oil pressure and oil temperature. You can also add external sensors to MaptunerX, such as exhaust temp sensor and air fuel sensor. 


The app Service allows you to create changes that previously only was possible by visiting a workshop. You are able to read, get additional information and delete eventual error codes. Directly on the MaptunerX in the palm of your hand!


To further assist more advanced users in troubleshooting we’ve crested the Activation App. In this app you can send a signal to the injectors, coils or fuel pump to test them. If they are responding correctly, they will create a humming sound. All can be tested individually.

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