MaptunerX-tuning for Yamaha Outboards


A smarter choice: Increase the power of your existing outboard engine instead of buying a new one!

From 10% to 46% increase in power depending on model

Your boat will plane out faster which results in better fuel economy*

Flash the ECU yourself with the Maptuner – no need to remove the ECU or visit a dealer

Only the software of the engine is changed and can easily be restored back to stock

Over 20 years’ experience of engine tuning and optimization

Extended diagnostic features available**

*Fuel economy is improved in almost all known cases, but there can of course be some deviating cases where the fuel consumption stays the same or increases.

**Available diagnostic features depends on engine model. Contact us for more information.

Tuning made easy, fast and reliable!

The engine tuning is developed by us over a long period of time and carefully calibrated using all the knowledge we have acquired from over 20 years of experience in engine tuning and optimization. We have also created our own handheld programming unit – called the Maptuner – which connect to the engine to perform the upgrade. All this work so that you early have to do any work! 

To perform an engine software upgrade (called a ‘flash’) you only need a Maptuner (which you can buy or loan from us), a cable and a tuning license. That’s it! 

When the flash is done you can remove the Maptuner from the engine. If you want to restore the engine to it’s stock software you simply connect the Maptuner again.

Additional features
The tuning license also includes Maptuner Apps to read fault codes and engine history. With an optional diagnostics cable you can access these features. Oil Change History, Service History and RPM History is available depends on the model of outboard.

Other optional apps are Monitoring and Datalogger. With these apps you can further troubleshoot your engine. Purchased separately. 

List of supported outboard engines

And the power each engine will produce after a Maptuner software upgrade

Model (4-cyl) Power upgrade
Yamaha F50 F/H ’05+
Air flow restrictor needs to be removed
70 HP
Yamaha F60 C/D ’05+ 70 HP
Yamaha F60 F ’05+ 70 HP
Yamaha F70 A ’11+ 80 HP
Yamaha F80 B ’05+
Air flow restrictor needs to be removed
110 HP
Yamaha F80 C ’05+
Air flow restrictor needs to be removed
110 HP
Yamaha F100 D ’05+ 110 HP
Yamaha F80 D ’17+
Air flow restrictor needs to be removed
120 HP
Yamaha F100 D ’05+ 110 HP
Yamaha F80 D ’17+
Air flow restrictor needs to be removed
120 HP
Yamaha F100 F ’17+ 120 HP
Model (4-cyl) Power upgrade
Yamaha F115 A ’00+ 125 HP
Yamaha F115 B ’14-18 140 HP
Yamaha F115 19+ 140 HP
Yamaha VF115LA Vmax SHO 21+
Yamaha F130 A ’15+ 140 HP
Yamaha F150 A/D ’03+ 185 HP
Yamaha F150 B/F ’09+ 170 HP
Yamaha F150 G ’17+ 200 HP
Yamaha VF150LA Vmax SHO 21+
Yamaha F175 A ’14+16 200 HP
Yamaha F175 A 17+ 200 HP
Yamaha F175 C ’17+ 200 HP
Yamaha VF175LA Vmax SHO 21+
Yamaha F200 F (4 cyl.) ’13+ 240 HP
Yamaha F200 G (4 cyl.) ’13+ 240 HP
Model (V6) Power upgrade
Yamaha F200 A ’02-’11
Yamaha F200 C ’07+ 275 HP
Yamaha F225 A ’02-’11 275 HP
Yamaha F225 B ’07+ 275 HP
Yamaha F225 C ’08-’15 275 HP
Yamaha F250 A ’05+ 275 HP
Yamaha F250 B ’09-’11 275 HP
Yamaha F200 F 17+
Yamaha F225 F ’11+ 330 HP
Yamaha F225 H ’16+ 330 HP
Yamaha F250 D ’11+ 330 HP
Yamaha F250 L ’16+ 330 HP
Yamaha F300 B ’11+
Model (V8) Power upgrade
Yamaha F300A ’08-’12 400 HP
Yamaha F350 A/B ’08+ 400 HP

We continue to add support for even more models.

The Maptuner can also be used on other vehicles for tuning, diagnostics and more!


Monitoring app shows you all the information you need to be sure that your engine is performing as it should.Values being showed and available features varies between different kinds of engines. An example of values shown is air mass, speed, oil pressure and oil temperature. You can also add external sensors to MaptunerX, such as exhaust temp sensor and air fuel sensor. 


The app Service allows you to create changes that previously only was possible by visiting a workshop. You are able to read, get additional information and delete eventual error codes. Directly on the MaptunerX in the palm of your hand!


Use any of the History APPs to get extended information about time spent in certain rpm intervals, oil change history or alarm triggered in the past. Support of History APPs depends on model of engine, contact staff of Maptun for assistance.

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